Istituto di Scienze dell'Atmosfera e del Clima (ISAC)
Sante Laviola - Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Sante Laviola

Research Scientist

via Gobetti 101
40129 Bologna, Italy

Phone: +39-051-6398019, Fax: +39-051-6398132

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(last updated August 2013)

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Born 21 July 1973 in Policoro (MT), Italy.

Degree in Environmental Engineering, University of Basilicata, 2003.

Remote Sensing Summer School "Application with the newest Multi-Spectral Meteorological Satellites", 22-31 May, Maratea, Italy, 2003.

Visiting Scientist at the MetOffice, Satellite Application Division, Exeter (UK), 2005.

PhD in "Methods and Technologies for the Environmental Monitoring", University of Basilicata, 2007.

Contractor at the Institute CNR-ISAC, 1997-98.

Visiting Scientist at SMHI, Atmospheric Remote Sensing Research Division, Norrköping, Sweden, 2010.

Contract Research Scientist at the CNR-ISAC Satellite Meteorology Group, 2008-present.